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Expedition Dates  The peacock Bass Expeditions has a lineup for the peacock Bass sports fishing in the Amazon Looresta. Because it is a tropical rainforest the temperature is hot all year even in winter, winter in Amazonas is synonymous with rain.

In this rainy season (winter) is where the levels of the Amazon River elevate considerably. With the rivers in high it is not impracticable the sport fishing, only the degree of difficulty is greater, of course we have much more water than in the summer, where the levels Bais allows exploring small lakes and extensions of rivers that are more exposed.

In summary the year all the practice of the peacock bass sport fishing is feasible, so choose the best date that is for you and make your reservation at the next spot fishing camp at the exclusive Peacock Bass expeditions. Come and enjoy a different experience of all your fishing trips that have opted to practise sports fishing.

Headwaters Camp Available Dates 2017 and 2018

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September 02 2017

September 09 2017

September 09 2017

September 16 2017

September 16 2017

September 23 2017

September 23 2017

September 30 2017

September 30 2017

Octuber 07 2017

December 16 2017

December 23 2017

January 06 2018

January 13 2018

January 27 2018

February 03 2018

February 03 2018
February 10 2018
February 10 2018February 17 2018Open
February 24 2018March 03 2018Open
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Katamaran Camp Available dates 2017 and 2018

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September 5 2017September 12 2017Closed
September 12 2017September 19 2017Closed
September 19 2017September 26 2017Closed
October 03 2017October 10 2017Closed
October 10 2017October 17 2017Closed
October 17 2017October 24 2017Open
October 31 2017November 07 2017Open
November 14 2017November 21 2017Open
November 21 2017November 28 2017Open
November 28 2017December 05 2017Open
December 12 2017December 19 2017Open
January 02 2018January 09 2018Open
January 09 2018January 16 2017Open
January 23 2018January 30 2018Open
February 06 2018February 13 2018Open
February 13 2017February 20 2018Open
February 20 2018February 27 2018Open
February 27 2017March 06 2018Open
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