Float Plane Access

Accessing the most remote fisheries, amphibious planes allow us to access remote fisheries rapidly

Float Plane Access Image 01 In these early days of peacock bass fishing in Brazil, anglers boarded houseboat operations in Manaus and took long and tedious travel up the Rio Negro to access the best fisheries. This process was repeated on the way back to Manaus. In essence, costing the visiting angler two days of their precious time. Like everyone else, we offered houseboats to our guest anglers. However, in an effort to enhance the overall travel experience, we, eventually, custom-built, mobile self-contained camps, ones that drafted in very shallow water and could be positioned in the most productive and remote locations in the Amazon watershed. Our fishing success and client satisfaction soared. This has now made us the “gold standard” peacock bass operation in the Amazon!

Amphibious Planes Offer Safe, Rapid Access to Remote Fisheries

Float Plane Access Image 02

The key to your fishing success is for us to get away from crowded cities and towns and find remote locations. Building our custom floating, self-contained, camps was the first step in acessing remote fishing locations. Accessing our camps quickly was the second step in developing the finest peacock bass fishing operations in Brazil. We now rely on amphibious planes, ones that can take off from land in Manaus and then land in the river right at our camp’s doorstep. The planes we use have a superb safety record and our pilots are some of the most experinced in the world in terms of flying in the jungle. We now can safely, rapidly and effectively get you to our camps, allowing more fishing time for you in pristine waters that are seldom pressured.