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Our FAQs has been harvested from customers who have already purchased our travel packages

Know the question you would ask for Peacock Bass Brasil, or direct a question to our office in Brazil so that we can take out any doubts you might have before choosing one of our travel options.

It is almost two decade of dedication to fishing in the Amazon jungle, all the possible variables that can make this trip unpleasant, have already been mapped and eliminated from our travel roadmap. We believe that at the moment only one item is missing, it is you here in the jungle fishing the aggressive Tucunaré Açu. Come on!

Frequently Asked?

frequently asked questionsYou bet we do! We are licensed by the Brazilian Minister of Tourism. It is imperative (and the law) that an operation maintains the proper permits and licensing. Some of the areas we fish are protected reserves, requiring special permission, permits and licenses and anglers can be subjected to legal issues if the operator does not have these permits. That is the first question you need to ask when booking a peacock bass trip with any operation.

Faqs 02 ImagesWhile the Amazon might conjure up visions of 40-foot long anacondas, swarms of biting mosquitos and man eating pirhanas, in actuality, if you watch your step and be aware of your surroundings, it’s quite a safe place. It is unlikely you will see an anaconda (consider yourself fortunate if you should). Because the rivers we fish are blackwater rivers of high tannin content, this inhibits the growth and breeding of mosquitos. Pirhanas are only dangerous if you are foolish enough to put your finger near its mouth! We will help prepare you regarding the medical precautions you should consider when making such a trip to protect yourself.

FAQs 03 ImageYou will be staying at one of our two mobile, floating camps. All of the interior spaces (staterooms, dining room, etc.) are air conditioned. Two anglers will share a room in standard separate beds (no bunkbeds). Each room has a private bathroom and shower. Despite the fact that you will be in the heart of the Amazon rain forest, the accommodations aboard our camps are quite comfortable. Do not drink the water from the sink. Instead, use the bottled water provided. Don’t forget to bring ear plugs to drown out the noise from a snoring roommate!

FAQs 04 Image It is apparent that our visiting anglers, many Americans, enjoy our food, as they compliment us and mention that their clothes are fitting a bit more snug following their expedition with us. We will offer a variety of traditional Brazilian dishes and American style meals. We usually serve breakfast and dinner, buffet-style, while lunch is on the water. You may elect to return to the camp for lunch and siesta. It is entirely up to you. Breakfast offerings include eggs, meats, pancakes, fruits, cereal and coffee. Dinner will be a bit more elaborate with a variety of meats, fish, chicken, pork, pasta, vegetables and dessert. Wine is served with dinner.

FAQs 05 Image These are some of the hardest working fishing guides you will ever encounter. How many American fishing guides will climb up a tree 30 feet high to retrieve a miscasted lure? Or, dive into the water to unsnag a fish that you’re fighting that rooted itself into a suberged tree? All of our guides were born and raised in the Amazon and have fished their entire lives. They have a minimum of six years experience. While their English is limited, they can communicate in “fishing English” and we recommend you learn some Portuguese phrases. Our complimentary text will have a translator for you to refer to.

FAQs 06 ImageThat is absolutely correct. But that was by design. Because we access many remote, backwater lagoons, ones that often require dragging the boats through shallow creeks and over snags, imagine trying to attempt that in a fully rigged fiberglass bassboat! We use 17-foot “Tracker-style” aluminum bass boats with 40 HP outboards and trolling motors. The boats are quite comfortable for fishing in the Amazon. We’ll have a cooler in every boat with water, beer and soft drinks.

FAQs 07 ImageMid-day temperatures in the Amazon range from 85º – 95ºF. The sun is intense during a typical fishing day, as you will be near the equator. Take precautions in terms of the clothes you wear (we will brief you on that) and don’t forget strong sunscreen. During the evening hours, the temperature is a comfortable 70º – 80 ºF. Although you will be fishing during the “dry season,” rain showers can and do occur (that’s why they call it the rain forest). Don’t forget to drink plenty of fluids, even if you do not feel thirsty. Water is best. Beer can actually dehydrate you (alcohol and caffeine are diuretics), so drink these liquids in moderation.

FAQs 08 ImageYou’ll be provided with a complete packing, clothing, gear and other essential items (medications, etc.) list fo your Peacock Bass Expedition with us. As stated in other sections of this website, we’ll provide literally everyting you’ll need – tackle and gear-wise -to catch peacock bass, with just a few exceptions. We’ll help prepare you for your trip, so you’ll be comfortable and have the best opportunities to catch trophy peacock bass. We’ll even send you a copy of our text that covers everything you’ll need to know about fishing with us for optimal success! Of course, we’re always available to any questions you might have prior to your expedition with us.

FAQs 09 ImageWe are strong advocates of the “catch and release” philosphy that was initiated by American bass tournament officials. We want to preserve the peacock bass fishery – especially the trophy fish and their good genetics. We lobby against commercial fishermen netting out lagoons and small rivers and literally raping the fishery! We do keep some smaller fish, as they are quite tasty and we want you to experience them. With complicated restrictions on what the airlines will allow to check in as cargo or luggage, it makes it almost impossible to bring fish back to the USA. We strongly advise (and we can provide some recommendations) on having a fiberglass replica mount made of your trophy catch.


You’ll Be Off The Grid But Not Out Of Touch

FAQs satellite phone Image Not many cruise ships or hotels allow you to
have a picturesque view of the Amazon jungle remote locations on earth. You’ll not be out of touch (unless you want to), as we offer satellite phone service to you.

All Of Our Staterooms Come With a View!

FAQs Suite Image Not many cruise ships or hotels allow you
to have a picturesque view of the
Amazon jungle right outside your window. Enjoy the sites & sounds of the Amazon.

It’s The Little Touches That Make us Different

FAQs Relax Image “Life is made of detail” and in these details focused on fishing we focus.
Like conducting a beach BBQ at night during your trip.
Relax on the beach, enjoy a meal and favorite beverage.