Our License to Operate our Fishing Expedition

We are a company duly registered in Brazilian fisheries organ

Our customers have federal agency’s security clearance for sporting fishing in the bass Amazon.

We have acted in the region for almost two decades and each year we have gained more experience that is passed to our customers who are in the vast majority return to revive a pleasant fishing experience in the Amazon rainforest.

We encourage you to close one of our fishing packages, since Peacock Bass Expedition has a feed back to the height of large tourism companies that enters in the heart of the Amazon jungle as a business form.

With this we explore our commercial niche and we can provide a great opportunity for people seeking a good sport fishing in the Brazilian tropical jungle.


Our licence to operate


Come to Pathfinder the Amazon jungle with Peacock Bass expeditions and have all the assurance of being advised by a company that has a great experience in fishing in the Amazon jungle.

Talk to us or look for your travel agent, and start the biggest adventure to exercise the Peacock Bass fishing this time in Brazil, in the middle of the tropical jungle.