Where Will You Fish

Accessing the Most Remote Rivers, Tributaries and Lagoons in the Amazon


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Speak with any angler whose made several trips to Brazil about where his or her favorite places were to fish and you’ll lkely hear about “remote lagoons.” While fishing any number of main rivers and their tributaries have and will yield lots of peacock bass, if you can locate and fish a remote lagoon, you might be in store for some of the best fishing of your life! As an example, look at the photo at left. What do you see? It looks like a shallow creek with a fallen tree blocking it’s entrance. There’s more to this scenario than meets the eye! Your guide will chop through the tree with his machete, eventually maneuvering the boat up the creek and possibly access acres of prime lagoon.


We Have a Vast Watershed to Introduce You To!


Let’s Keep the Exact Location of Where We’re Fishing Between Us


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We prefer not to reveal the exact location of where we’re fishing. Why? Because we do not want our competitors to know our location, often in restricted areas that we have obtained licenses and permits to fish. We can tell you that we might cover a range in excess of 200+ miles, dependent upon weather, water conditions and the productiveness of the fishery. We will be at least 300+ miles from Manaus, the starting point of your Peacock Bass Expedition and contuining northwest on the northern Rio Negro watershed and its many tributaries and lagoons (refer to the diagram and map above for a general idea of the vast watershed we will be fishing).