Tipo de Tucunaré Açu

Peacock Bass Barred

Peacock Bass

Kind of Peacock Bass Barred Cichla Temensis

One of the species of Tucunaré that inhabit the Amazon River

The Peacock Bass
Barred, scientific name (Cichla temensis), called Tucunaré Açu in Brazil; Tracks; Striped; Three bar or Tucunaré black barred, is dark green on the dorsal surface, mixing to a golden or green yellow on its sides.

It is characterized by three black vertical bars along each side, and black irregular spots located behind the eye on the cheek (Opercula).

The presence of these biting patches will almost always distinguish it from the butterfly peacock bass, that certain variations of this species can often resemble the Tucunaré barred. This species can grow in excess of 61 lb.




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