Tucunaré Açu Borboleta

Peacock Bass Butterfly

Peacock Bass

Species of Peacock Bass Butterfly Cichla Orinocensis

Exemplar of Peacock Bass Cichala Orinocensis or Butterfly

The Tucunaré Açu butterfly (Cichla orinocensis), also referred to as Tucunaré Orinoco; Tucucunaré Butterfly (Brazil), or Pavon Orinoco or moth (Venezuela), can be distinguished from other species of Tucunaré Açu by three black circular dots (called rosettes) along each side of the body.

This fish is most commonly found in the black waters of the Orinoco and the Amazon River basin. They like to be close to the rocky structure, wood and slow flow waters, as you will find across most of the Amazon tributaries.

This species will grow up to 220 lbs, but most are between two and five kilos that are regularly captured by fishermen.

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