Tucunaré Açu Specklei

Peacock Bass Cichla Temensis

Peacock Bass

Kind of Tucunaré Paca Chila Temesis

Tucunaré Açu Paca, or Tucunaré speckled species preserved in the Amazon

The Peacock Bass (Tucuraré speckled) (Cichla temensis), called Tucunaré Paca in Brazil, is found in the Amazon River basin in Rio Negro and Drainage River Uatumã, the Orinoco River basin in Venezuela and Colombia.

This species has three dark vertical bars (becoming more distinct and defined at age), as well as four to six rows of white or pale yellow spots or broken lines, running on horizontal lines along the length of their bodies.

Expert information in the subject Tucunaré claims that the spawn of the male Tucunaré Temensis (refers to the Tucunaré barred with the rooster on his head) does not demonstrate this speckled pattern.




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