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Yellow Peacock Bass

Peacock Bass

Species of Peacock Bass Yellow Cichla Monoculus

Peacock Bass Yellow found in the Amazon River in the Amazon Basin

The peacock bass (Cichla Monoculus), also known as the Yellow peacock bass, angel or button is predominantly yellow with three black bars on each side of the body.

The bars start from the base of the dorsal fins and ends in the middle of the lateral body. The black stain on the Opercula (cheek region) is not present in this species.

Some of the fish have stains on fins. When they live in deep waters or stained the yellow colours change to a dark brown. This species can reach weights of 6 to 17 lb, but most in the drainage of the average river Negro from 4 to 8 lb. They are found in the rivers Amazonas, Araguaia and Tocantins and others.

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