Peacock Bass Fish

Brasilian Amazon

Fishing in the Amazon river of aggressive and sporting Peacock Bass. We have all the air structure, rainwater and guides with knowledge of the Peacock Bass's best fishing point.


15 Years of Tradition

Company with almost two decades in travel and accommodation for fishing in the Amazon River and tributaries. Jet engine, floating boat with accommodations and small speedboat.


Sports Fishing

A great option for lovers of sporting fishing in the Amazon River. The rivers Joy, Cuiumí and Rio Caurés in the municipality of Barcelos in the Amazon, are our point of Peacock Bass fishing.


The Gold Standard for Peacock Bass Fishing

Peacock Bass Fish

It would be my sincere privilege to introduce you to Brazil’s Amazon region and the colorful, powerful and aggressive peacock bass and other sportfish that reside in the tannin-stained waters of the many tributary rivers and backwater lagoons that we fish at Peacock Bass Expedition. I grew up on the shores of the river Negro and have fished for peacock bass and other fantastic Amazon sportfish my entire life. Allow me to introduce you to my country and show you the many techniques I have learned throughout many years of catching peacock bass fish – literally at my doorstep!

Marlon Otero – Owner Peacock Bass Expedition

Watch some videos that some form shows our company in real activity.

Information About Our Amazon Peacock Bass Expedition

Hydro plane

We are delighted to offer you the premier peacock bass operations in Brazil. With our years of first-hand experience, fishing literally every peacock bass lair throughout the northern Brazilian Amazon, we’ve gleaned the experience to know when and where to schedule your peacock bass adventure for optimal results. All members of our staff and guides live in the Amazon, in the heart of the finest peacock bass waters and have an intimate knowledge of the watershed and the techniques needed to put you on the peacock bass of a lifetime. When it comes to peacock bass fishing, few outfitters share our experience.

Our Fisheries

Synthesized Information

  • Fishing Tradition

    A company headquartered in Barcelo AM who operates fifteen years in the sports fishing market offering travel packages to Brazil.
  • Sports Fishing

    Company with experience for exploration of fisheries tourism for the Amazon basin in the Brazilian part of the jungle.
  • Peacock Bass The Fish

    Among the commercial exploitation of fisheries tourism, it specializes in the sports fishing of Peacock Bass.
  • City of Barcelos AM

    The forest surrounding the city of Barcelos in the Amazon, is characteristic to have the name of the capital of the Peacock Bass.
  • Negro River AM

    In this river that the Tayaçú speedboat package, makes the Peacock Bass fishing Roadmap, the region is conducive to fish.
  • Cuiuni and Alegria River

    The floating I have the fishing roadmap of the Peacock Bass in the waters of Cuiuni and river Alegria in the Amazon jungle.  
  • Amphibious plane

    We have travel packages with transportation of Amphibious airplane to offset between towns and seaplane to the city to the point of fishing.
  • Speedboat and Floating

    We count on three floating (house and boat) all equipped to provide comfort with a lot of safety.
  • Boats and Guides

    A fleet of seven boats of sin, these are responsible for taking the practice of fishing with native-trained guides.

Welcome to Peacock Bass Expedition

Watch our institutional video and know a little more than we are prepared to offer for lovers of sporting fishing around the world. Having as a starting point the city of Manaus in the Amazon and the destination of four fishing options with prices that fit in your budget.

  • Amphibious airplane starting from Manaus AM
  • Various fishing point options in the jungle
  • Boat fleet of various sizes
  • Air-conditioned Restaurant
  • Double-cabin accommodations and air conditioning

The Right Choice

Why Choose Our Company?

  • We possess decades of experience in fishing for Peacock Bass.
  • We offer fishing options at remote locations on the planet.
  • We have a first-line accommodations and locomotion, airplane, speedboat, floating, boat and native guides.
  • We explore sports fishing in the most propitious place that nature conceived the Peacock Bass fish, the Amazon rainforest.
  • The price of our packages is within reach of anyone.

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